Fox Orders Seventh Season of ‘Bones’

The Voice Of TV: Fans of ‘Bones‘ get the expected – the show is set to return for a seventh season. There was never any doubt that the show didn’t perform well enough for a renewal notice, but like any other show that has been on the air for a lengthy period of time, production costs are beginning to become more and more expensive. With Bones becoming all the more popular on syndication and salary demands on the rise, there was speculation that FOX would not renew due to costs. Thankfully, this was not the case here, but it remains to be the case for FOX’s other headlining drama House.

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Armadilo3465d ago

Yes finally another season of Bones

alycakes3465d ago

Good to know. They can keep going with this one as long as they want. It always brings something new and fresh to the story. It makes the characters also evolve and grow in there own self. I only wish they could find a way to bring Zak back into the story line permanently....I do miss him being around so much.