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‘Nurse Jackie’: When the Saints Go (3.06) Review - The Voice Of TV

The Voice Of TV: Special thanks go to my partner in crime Lee Kalwat who has been reviewing Nurse Jackie while I’ve been away. Sometimes things have to hurt before they can get better. I’ve said this many times, to patients, to loved ones and even to myself. This seems to be the mantra for “When The Saints Go” and REM wasn’t kidding when they sang “Everybody Hurts.”

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Armadilo3659d ago

I keep hearing that this is a good show i'll have to check this out later ?

alycakes3658d ago

Me too but I don't get that network. I'm inclined to think it can wait from what I hear.

-MD-3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I'm curious what people think about this show too because I liked Falco in the Sopranos. I don't think I know anybody that has seen this show because I've yet to hear someone talk about it.

Megaton3658d ago

I like it. I haven't started watching this season but I've seen 1 and 2.

-MD-3658d ago

Is it supposed to be a comedy or something? What's the deal with it?

Megaton3658d ago

Comedy/drama. Falco is a nurse/prescription drug addict.