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Shadowlocked - Exclusive: Warwick Davis On Merlin, Potter, Depp And Future Leprechaun

Shadowlocked - You know, when people talk about iconic actors and/or actresses, there seems to be a standard set of names that people reel from. Depp, Cruise, Ford, Neeson, Portman - all great actors/actresses in their own right; but there is one actor who has, and continues to, star alongside them and many other of Hollywood's top entourage...Warwick Davis.

Whilst short of stature, Warwick is a giant amongst the fantasy/sci-fi genre, appearing in some of the greatest and most loved franchises of all time. With a repertoire consisting of Star Wars, The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Harry Potter to name but a few, Mr. Davis has become something of a household name; with a likeable presence and undeniable talent that have made him an appealing choice to some of the best directors in the world.

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Armadilo3461d ago

Warwick Davis is amazing and all that i could say is "What an Actor"

alycakes3460d ago

He is great and has been in a lot of memorable movies but I think the best thing he ever did was Willow. I still love that movie. I just pulled out my VHS of that about a year ago and watched it one night when I wasn't feeling well and couldn't was soooo good. Just as good as I remembered.

artrexler3459d ago

Warwick is definitely talented and I will always remember Willow. I did also like Leprachaun...but only the first one. The rest were just run down sequels. Didn't realize he was Marvin, the voice was whats his face after all...oh, Alan Rickman. What was confusing was the Filius Fitwick character in Harry Potter since there's two totally different physical characters. Check out the last few paragraphs in the link.