Gman Reviews | DVD Picks of the Week: May 3rd

Another week to look at a horrible week of DVD releases.

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alycakes2912d ago

Well, I already have the Green Hornet. I still don't have the Mechanic with Jason Statham. I have the original with Charles Bronson that I just love. Did anyone see the one with Jason Statham?

Soldierone2911d ago

Dont understand the hate for The Green Hornet. It is a really good film if you pay attention to it. Its funny and its action is interesting.

The best part is the film aspects you pick up watching it a second time are phenomenal. How they did the fight scenes, how the entire story plays out before you even know it, the settle clues throughout the film....its awesome. I would love to create a movie like that.

gmanreviews2911d ago

I'm very curious as to how I will feel about it on a second viewing now that I know what I'm getting into and not just going in with some high expectations (and I don't have to watch it in crappy converted 3D)

Soldierone2911d ago

Trust me you really catch a ton of stuff they did throughout the film. Since you already know the ending you start to notice how it all links together right from the first scene and pay attention to stuff you probably missed before.

alycakes2910d ago

I totally agree with Soldierone. That's what I did. I went to see it twice and you do notice things you miss the first time around. I bought the DVD this week and plan on watching it at home tonight just because it's a fun movie to watch.