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‘The Event’: Us or Them (1.19) Review - The Voice Of TV

The Voice Of TV: Last week the latest assassination attempt on President Martinez helped Sophia bring in Vice President Jarvis into the President’s chair. The aliens were able to acquire a virus strain that like all other televised biological weapons before it will cause massive amounts of death with just a tiny teaspoon. On top of that we see Blake discover a way he can prove that Jarvis was a part of the assassination attempt. ’The Event‘ has been riding a season high the past couple of weeks, with both episodes being remarkably entertaining. They were not without their faults (far from it), but for once it felt like The Event was on the right track. ”Us or Them” manages to eliminate that momentum and brings me back to square one – mocking the series.

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alycakes3657d ago

I started watching this when it began and it looked promising...don't know if it will be back or if it's been cancelled yet. It's a good show but if you don't really pay attention week to week you really miss a lot and you're asking yourself....what? So I missed too much and now I don't know what's going on. I'll have to watch it on my PC all together one day so I'll get it.