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USA Network Renews ‘Fairly Legal’

The Voice Of TV: As we begin May sweeps, USA Network is quick to announce that they have renewed courtroom drama ‘Fairly Legal‘ for a second season. A show that seemed to slip in under the radar met with above average success on basic cable, ranking in as the best new drama amongst viewers in the all important A18-49 demographic with an average of 4.6 million viewers.

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Christopher3918d ago

I have to admit, Shahi is a guilty pleasure of mine. The show isn't bad, but much preferred her in Life.

blazsox3918d ago

I get a Sharon Stone vibe from the picture

Megaton3918d ago

I know, right? I thought the same thing.

I haven't seen this one. I'm not really into the USA original series'. I typically only watch Law and Order:SVU and CI on there, and only the CI with Vincent D'onofrio.

blazsox3918d ago

D'Onofrio returns to the show this season for the final year of the show.

Megaton3918d ago

Yeah I heard, should be good. He makes that show for me.

Armadilo3918d ago

Is this show any good to watch ?

blazsox3918d ago

Apparently it is with it being the highest rated new drama in its demographic. USA is dominating basic cable right now. FX is steady, AMC is gaining, but USA is blowing them out of the water.

alycakes3917d ago

D'Onofrio returned this past Sunday was really good. I just loved him and missed him and his partner. The only other show I watch on USA is Burn Notice which comes back in June. It's also a great show I believe it starts Season 5 and they've already signed up for season 6.

They also have White Collar and Covert Affairs on USA that aren't too bad for summer watch. They really are okay...not as good as Burn Notice but if reruns are on and you're stuck at home with no where to go....they're kinda fun if you know the characters.