Paul W.S. Anderson to Direct Volcano Adventure 'Pompeii'

The Hollywood Reporter says:

Constantin Film is financing and producing the big-budget film project, while Summit has snapped up U.S. distribution rights.

Paul W.S. Anderson is giving the story of Pompeii the big-screen treatment.

The filmmaker behind the Resident Evil movies will direct Pompeii, a period adventure movie recounting the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and the destruction of the ancient Roman city. Like Titanic, another high-profile historical disaster movie, Pompeii film will be anchored by a strong love story.

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Crazay3459d ago

Personally I'm a big fan of movies involving natural disasters. They're far scarier than horror movies because they're more plausible. The fact that this is a story based on a true event could be something special.

I could do without the "Strong Love Story" aspect but I guess you have to do something to make people go to the movie aside from awesome explosions and people being flash burned into statues.

Castor3458d ago

The destruction has been complete.

darklordzor3458d ago

Oooooh, we haven't had a good volcano disaster story in a long time. Should be pretty fun, and Anderson is great with over the top stuff, so I think it'd be worth watching.

alycakes3458d ago

I like his stuff alright...don't know about the Pompeii thing though. I'll just have to wait and hear more.

alycakes3457d ago

Hey, you know we have another Resident Evil coming soon. He said it would be release by the end of 2012 probably...

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