2011 Summer Movie Preview

It’s that time of year again, the summer movie season. Time for all the superhero films, blockbusters and sequels. Time for the big box office takes and 3D/IMAX overload. Time to once again be entertained with daring stunts, monstrous explosions and raunchy comedies. And of course, it’s time for the We Got This Covered summer movie preview. Join us as we run down our most anticipated films of the summer and see why we’re so excited for them.

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TheHip143463d ago

Looking forward to just about all of these

MinimeJer053462d ago

This summer looks pretty awesome so far!

Sahil3462d ago

Best summer ever and it hasn't even started it!

alycakes3459d ago

I agree it is the best one in a long time and I've been around a while. This one looks very promising for the movie industry. I'm sure the money will start pouring in for them.