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Drunk on Judgement | Super Review - James Gunn Makes Kick-Ass Look Like Bambi

Drunk on Judgement - Rainn Wilson, Ellen Paige, Kevin Bacon, Nathon Fillion, Michael Rooker, Liv Tyler, and tentacle rape. Surprisingly all of them make an appearance here, and while the casting list may leave some scratching their heads, this violent and bodacious film from writer/director James Gunn(Slither, Dawn of the Dead)is pure win.

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Nes_Daze3656d ago

Gotta check this movie out now, not sure if it looks better than kick ass though, but I'll reserve my judgement until I see Super.

ShAkKa3656d ago

Never heard of this before but now i have to check if this claims hold some truth.

-MD-3656d ago

It's not airing anywhere near me just like Cedar rapids so somebody needs to upload an HD copy of this film... it's on demand.

Upload, upload, upload! =)