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Ubisoft Creates New Studio Dedicated To Video Game Films

Launching Ubisoft Motion Pictures, French video game publisher Ubisoft will be developing it's video game franchises into full feature films and TV series in the coming years.

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Sahil3656d ago

Don't think they would earn that much success with full feature films, they haven't been so good with the games too.

JoeIsMad3656d ago

I'm sure they did at least a fair job, and were more successful with Prince of Persia than most people expected. I also think that as a games studio, the best way to get an arts and story direction true to their titles would be to release a full feature film from within.

Soldierone3656d ago

The thing is if you are going to remake something you don't do it the exact same way as before. You add your own twist and do something unique.

Prince of Persia the movie wasn't that bad. And lets face it, there are game elements that gamers want put into films that don't work. Along with that, there are plenty of game movies that work closely with the game studios, that still end up envisioning it differnt.

Somehow the guys behind the uncharted film are working with Naughty Dog and still think its a family based story like Tomb Raider....

For a game movie to be done correctly, itd have to be done by a gamer. Not someone making the games because their vision is for games, same goes for a film maker. Someone that grasps the story concepts and deeper meanings on their own.

artsaber3656d ago

I don't know why it didn't review so well. It was what I expected from the material and content associated with the game. Was I wrong for that? Who knows?

Megaton3656d ago

Well isn't that special. They've built a crap factory.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33656d ago

and now introducing: Shovelware Studios

Soldierone3656d ago

Ubisoft used to be one of my favorite developers. However recently they somewhat slid into nothing with their shovelware experience. I mean they didnt see EA slide off a cliff by doing that?

With Tom Clancy games you have plenty of stories to work with, but I doubt its done right.

Plus their PR guys are really bias to Canadians lol

artsaber3656d ago

On a line of Assassin Creed films. I suppose if they can keep Shaquille O'Neal out of it (Kazaam), it may have a chance.

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