New Intruders Teaser

Empire says:

Until now Intruders has been tiptoeing under the radar, but Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's new horror now has a suitably jittery teaser trailer to give a taste of what to expect. It's a welcome return from the Spanish director who's been quieter than a church mouse since 28 Weeks Later (albeit a church mouse adept at scaring the bejesus out of us).

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Sahil3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Nice trailer, specially the part when the girl suddenly appears from out of nowhere :)

Defectiv3_Detectiv33465d ago

The trailer is a bit disappointing but the premise of the movie sounds interesting. Personally, I'm a big fan of Fresnadillo - Intacto is one hell of an underrated movie. I even like his work on 28 Weeks Later.

Crazay3465d ago

I';ve never seen Intacto nor have I heard of it but I agree that 28 weeks was awesome. I love that series.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33465d ago

Do yourself a favor, watch Intacto. It won the spanish version of the academy award, and it's his strongest work. Fresnadilla is my only hope for The Crow Remake/Reboot, now that Nick Cave has given up screenwriting duties.

Crazay3465d ago

Is it all in Espanol? If so I'd end uppassing because I can't stand watching subtitles. Prolly the reason i disliked Inglorious Basterds.

Crazay3464d ago

Is the movie in Spanish?

JL3463d ago

Yes it appears it is. Netflix has it categorized as a Foreign Sci-fi/Fantasy Action Thriller. Key word there being foreign, which they only do if it's in another language (at least that I've noticed).

JL3463d ago

I really liked 28 Weeks Later too (as I did 28 Days Later), so I think I may have to check out this Intacto. And just looked and it's available on Netflix Instant....added to queue.

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alycakes3464d ago

This looks like a promising thriller and I like Clive Owen. Fesnadilla isn't bad either. I hear he is remaking The Crow and I also heard Bradley Cooper was going to play the part of Eric Draven. Don't know if the deals been done but I think they would need someone a little darker to play that part....don't you?

JL3463d ago

I don't think the deal is done and I think it's more of a "he's being considered" type thing.

That being said, I think Cooper can play dark if given a chance. Watch Limitless and you'll see him get a chance to stretch out and actually does part of his role with something of a dark persona.

Armadilo3464d ago

is it a zombie, Demon, Vampire or evil wizard ?

alycakes3464d ago

Well when they say demonic it could be just about anything. It will be demon, devil related probably.