Will NBC’s ‘Outsourced’ Be Renewed or Cancelled?

The Voice Of TV: Last year NBC introduced the diabolical initiative to launch a four hour late night talk show block five nights a week with moving Jay Leno to 10PM in his own primetime show (since NBC refused to part with him). That was a failure and we all know the aftermath. This year NBC did something right, it launched a three hour comedy block on Thursday nights starting at 8PM with Community. For the most part, it has been well received, as long as you’re not a new series.

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alycakes3466d ago

I think it will be cancelled. It's been doing okay but Thursday nights are good nights for other networks so the comedy thing for NBC is going out slowly.

Armadilo3465d ago

I remember hearing about this show when i downloaded a preview vid from itunes and it was really bad

blazsox3465d ago

Yeah I watched the Pilot and wasn't impressed. Was planning to at least give it a couple of weeks but I'll be honest, I simply forgot it was on. It had a convenient slot when it premiered - between The Office at 9PM and It's Always Sunny at 10PM.

The winter hiatus and time slot change hurt the ratings - it was a sure fire renewal before the changes, now it's hanging on to hope.