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What To Watch: Week of May 2nd-8th

TGE: May is here and with its arrival comes lots of new TV programming, and plenty of season finales. Things really take off next week, but there's definitely enough going on this week to keep us television junkies glued to our least for an hour or two a night.....

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alycakes4233d ago

I know I'll be there for Justified glued to the TV and don't anyone call me because I won't answer the phone. That is a damn good show. I don't want to miss one word!

Armadilo4232d ago

I need to search for good shows until this fall when the walking dead come back on tv for season 2

alycakes4232d ago

That was a good season finale. I just love this guy! There are a couple of things I would have changed but for the most turned out good. Can't wait for the next season.