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Player Affinity | Fringe - The Last Sam Weiss Review

Player Affinity writes: As a rule, I avoid exposure to any material about an upcoming episode before it airs, even promos. That is why when the week's episode starts, memories from the previous one rush through my mind, sometimes triggering a flurry of excitement, especially if there was some type of cliffhanger. It happened this week and as it did, the reason behind one of the major differences between stories set on This Side and those set on The Other Side dawned on me.

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Armadilo3661d ago

I would have to say that i'm not a big fan of Fringe and sorta would of liked an X Files clone instead of this but you know people look for something new and fresh and this is it

Christopher3661d ago

I like Fringe. I'm glad it's not a clone.

I am a bit confused about the ending of the latest episode.

fury433661d ago

I really like Fringe and this was a bit confusing but really a good episode. I'm not too happy with the way they're going with it. I'm afraid they're taking a little too far.

alycakes3660d ago

This show actually did remind me of the X Files at first then it just showed me that something could be just as good and even better in some ways by bringing in some new thinking and new out of the ordinary dimentional situations to deal with. It's really gotten so inter character involved with one another that it can be a little confusing and annoying even but still keeps your attention all the same.