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Player Affinity | What Not to Do When Adapting Comics Into TV Shows

Player Affinity writes: The highly anticipated pilot of NBC's Wonder Woman is in production while Smallville is drawing to a close. TV networks are finalizing and will soon unveil their fall line-ups, so we thought now would be a good time to look into the risky business of adapting (superhero) comic books into live-action TV shows.

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Armadilo3656d ago

I seriously think this will Fail with Wonder Woman like instead of her bring back the old Batman "POW"!!!!

fury433656d ago

I don't know about that...I think Wonder Woman would be refreshing for a change.

alycakes3652d ago

Oh yes I agree...Wonder Woman would be a good choice. No one has done that yet and we need a female in the mix. I think it should be done soon whether it's animated or a real movie.