Pair Of "Hunt For Bin Laden" Projects Could Be Timeliest Movies In Hollywood Now

Deadline says:

I've learned that Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow in recent weeks has been preparing and starting to cast an indie movie with the working title Kill Bin Laden, while another movie project about the hunt for the Al Queda terrorist leader at a major Hollywood studio stalled back in 2006. Given tonight's startling news, it's clear that these may be the timeliest film projects in recent Hollywood history.

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Crazay2912d ago

This comes as no surprise to me. When I found out about this incident this morning, I immediately wondered how long until a movie was made about it/him.

Turns out I didn't have to look too hard or wait too long.

Yi-Long2911d ago

... they already spoiled the ending!

Crazay2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

LOL!!! Nicely said sir.

Same thing happened to me with Titanic.

JL2911d ago

HAHAHA Ok...I'll give it to you, that was funny.

RufustheKing2911d ago

not as let down as i felt after watching the Passion of the Christ. i never saw that coming :(

Nes_Daze2911d ago

I'm not surprised that Hollywood is already gearing up for an Osama Bin Laden movie.

Sahil2911d ago

Yeah, they must've started working on his assassination, just been a day and hollywood.. hmmm

Megaton2910d ago

They're probably dusting off the screenplays they had nearly completed sitting around since we said we were gonna go after him. Just adding an ending to it.

alycakes2911d ago

Yeah that's why I didn't go see the Titanic...they kinda spoiled the ending.

I'm glad this finally happened and if there's a movie I'm sure it'll be a good one. From what I've been listening to on CNN today there was quite a bit of covert stuff with the CIA and the Navy Seals going on before all this went down.

Would you believe that coward Bin Laden was protecting himself behind a woman when they busted in to get him? What a story that's going to make!

Armadilo2911d ago

This is just sad as a terrorist gets his own movie after all that he's done this is almost like free advertising of his disgusting acts

Megaton2910d ago

Eh... I disagree. It's a matter of historical significance, for better or worse. They've made plenty of Hitler movies.

sdtarm2911d ago

I think nobody is surprised about this, watch it make a bunch of money on its first days

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