5 Reasons to See Thor

G/Zepperoni writes:

"Thor was insanely good. Loved it absolutely to bits! Nearly every aspect of the film –how they compliment each other and everything– worked graciously for me.

I can list down 5 things why I had a really great time and also why people should see it. It’s worth mentioning too that I never really grew up reading Thor. My only knowledge of the character comes from the various Avengers titles/books and crossover events I read over the last few years. Plus the 90s Marvel Trading Cards if that helps:"

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alycakes3669d ago

Glad to hear you're so how shall I say....inspired by it. I was planning on seeing it by the previews anyway. It looks pretty awesome. I can tell they took no short cuts in the actions scenes.

Nes_Daze3669d ago

I'm gonna give this a chance, but it looks bad judging from the commercials, yet not as bad as The green lantern.

gaden_malak3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

It's a good movie. I saw it a week or 2 ago when it released down here. Asgard looks brilliant.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33668d ago

I'm actually digging the crazy looking style of TGL. At least that movie looks like it's taking some risks, poor CGI and all. It looks more imaginative than any of the other comic book films coming out this year, except for maybe X-men.

As far as Thor goes, it sounds like another case of The Iron Man syndrome. It has no glaring faults, but at the same time it doesn't have any real strengths. Just another pedestrian origins story.

Downtown boogey3668d ago

Suit yourself.

Iron Man was awesome BTW.

Christopher3669d ago

Set to see this on Friday with the wife for our date night out.

Sahil3668d ago

Cool man, my gf won't go with me for this movie :(

Armadilo3669d ago

Its nice that Marvel is making the Avengers but when is DC going to make the Justice League ?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3668d ago

would love to see that as well...not sure why they would not try to get the regular characters though. the dude from smallville has been playing superman for how long and they got that lame ass Routh to play him on the big screen...

mindedone3668d ago

It's nice to know when people know the difference between compliment and complement, oh wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.