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Q&A With 'In Plain Sight' Stars Mary McCormack and Fred Weller - The Voice Of TV

The Voice Of TV: For most shows, facing a fourth season with a new showrunner and a new (well, old really) timeslot would probably scare the pants off of the actors in it. In Plain Sight is facing that plus the surprise pregnancy of headlining actress Mary McCormack – which writers are turning into an unexpected storyline, and the actors seem if anything, excited and nonplussed about the changes facing their sho . The Voice of TV’s Christine Petersen got to take part in a conferece call with In Plain Sight stars, Mary McCormack and Fred Weller and discussed just how these changes will affect the show and more – including Christine’s role in McCormack’s twitter war with guest star Josh Malina. Check it out!

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alycakes3658d ago

I like this show but It has to take second place to some of my other choices. Breakout Kings is on at the same time and I'd rather watch that and record this.

Megaton3657d ago

I'm pretty sure this show was filmed across the street from my house a year or two ago. 80% sure it was this one. The name sounds right.

alycakes3652d ago

If you live in New Mexico or Arizona it probably was...isn't that where they film most of the time?