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Is Guy Pearce in Prometheus? (Updated)

C.H.U.D. says:

Prometheus looks to be the most unmissable film of 2012. It has the potential to vitalize the most wonderful [and judging from most of the recent films misused] sci-fi series around and with Ridley Scott at the helm and seemingly aggressively making his first big genre stamp in a long time it’ll at least be intriguing. It’ll be amazing, that’s my guess. Fassbender. Elba. Amazing. Rapace… the jury is still out. Theron, case by case. But Fassbender and Elba are masters. And I just got an email sent to me from someone going by the name Brain Blessed that purports this juicy potential:

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alycakes3461d ago

He really hasn't done a lot has he. The remake of the Time Machine was one I remember him for.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33461d ago

LA Confidential, The King's Speech, The Proposition, The Counte of Monte Cristo Remake and Memento immediately come to mind. But no, he doesn't ever seem to get the juicy roles; unfortunately he's always relegated to a supporting character. Come to think of it he actually appeared in the last two best pic winners, his agent must know something.

JL3461d ago

Animal Kingdom, First Snow and Bedtime Stories also come to mind for me along with those mentioned. I would like to see him get some bigger roles in bigger movies and some more lead roles as well (that First Snow is a pretty decent one that he leads).

Sahil3460d ago

Yeah he was superb in LA Confidential and Memento was his best work, I guess.

Armadilo3461d ago

Something new and fresh yoou could count me in ill me waiting until this movie comes out it might be a Long Time Away...

alycakes3460d ago

Ah yes, The Count of Monte Cristo and LA Confidential...I remember him in those. I haven't seen the Kings Speech yet..still waiting on my husband to see it with me.....might be waiting a while.