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Quentin Tarantino Saddles Up For Spaghetti Western 'Django Unchained'

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Back when I saw him in late February at Harvey Weinstein's Oscar night party for The King's Speech, Quentin Tarantino told me that his script for a Western was just pouring out of him easily, that he'd finished a draft and expected to turn in a final version within two months.

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Armadilo3469d ago

This might be a good movie or this could be a movie that should of stayed as an idea, who nows well just have to wait until production begins.

JL3469d ago

I've enjoyed every one of Tarantino's films. Even Kill Bill (which gets ragged on a lot) I loved. Death Proof was even a good one for me. There's absolutely no doubt I'll be watching this one. What's even more exciting is we'll get to see Christoph Waltz back with Tarantino. I loved him in Inglourious Basterds, should be cool to see them together again.

Crazay3469d ago

Can't say that we're on the same page here JL. I hated Kill Bill, found Inglorious Basterds to be a monumental failure and though Death Proof was terrible.

JL3469d ago

To each their own. I enjoyed all of them. I thought Kill Bill 1 was a fun over-the-top action flick, while part 2 was the more tame, well-crafted revenge film.

Inglourious Basterds was just fun all around I thought. I do understand some (even many) people not liking Death Proof, though. It's definitely not one for everybody. I just really liked the B-movie style of it and the homage it paid to those classic car movies.

Crazay3469d ago

Don't get me wrong - I love B style grindhouse flicks. In fact I've sit through many movies that were absoluter crap that most people would have shut off within 10 minutes - Planet Terror was AWESOME!

JL3469d ago

See I actually liked Death Proof much more than I did Planet Terror.

alycakes3469d ago

I didn't go see Kill Bill at the theater because I don't like Uma Thurman then one day my nephew was watching it during a holiday when we were visiting and I was bored so I joined him......I loved it! Went out and bought both 1 and 2 and love both of them and watch them when they're on TV. They make me laugh. My husband will even watch certain scenes with the eye snatching fight scene. Death Proof was also great...those stunt girls were crazy but funny. Quinton is a genius...a little crazy but he'll deliver something worth watching...probably bloody though...huh?

Megaton3469d ago

I'm kinda torn on Tarantino these days. I've seen pretty much everything he's done, and really enjoyed many of them. The problem is that I often find myself rolling my eyes throughout his recent stuff. I just don't like them as much as I used to.

filmmattic3469d ago

Tarantino and spaghetti western. Awesome! He's going to do Leone and Corbucci proud.

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