Oscorp to Be Featured in The Amazing Spider-Man

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Production continued today in New York City for director Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, revealing that Oscorp will play some role in the 2012 feature.

The below image, snapped by Twitter user @claimo, shows off an exterior sign from the city's Hearst Tower. In the comic books, Oscorp is the company run by Norman Osborn, AKA the villainous Green Goblin (played by Willem Dafoe in Spider-Man and, briefly, in Spider-Man 2). Its relevance to the reboot is unknown and could mark anything from a surprise twist of who the villain is or, simply, a background gag.

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Crazay3669d ago

We'll probably meet Harry then too. Has that casting news been announced?

JL3669d ago

I'm betting it holds no real relevance and is something just thrown in there as a sort of "easter egg" for fans.

Nes_Daze3669d ago

I'm wondering if the actor who portrays Norman Osborn will be as good as the original, Willem Dafoe was a great green goblin.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33669d ago

Cool, maybe we'll eventually get a proper hobgoblin instead of that monstrosity they gave us in Spiderman 3. I'd really like to see them touch on the 'sinister 6' storyline - I always thought of the kingpin as Spiderman's arch nemesis.

Crazay3669d ago

King Pin? Really?!?

What about Doc Ock or Venom? Those are who I think of.

JL3668d ago

Really? I always think of Mindworm and Lightmaster.

No, seriously, Doc Ock, Venom and Green Goblin I always think of too.

shadow27973668d ago

I don't think Harry was meant to be the hobgoblin, rather, he was meant to be exactly what he was, his father's replacement. I'm not entirely certain how large an arc it was, but I'm pretty sure the same thing happened in the comics. Granted, I don't think it was with all the new high-tech gadgets and complete makeover, but it did happen.

But yes, I'd like to see the Hobgoblin this time around. And if they do have the Kingpin, I hope they bring back Michael Clarke Duncan. I know he was quite a different take on the character, but I thought he did a good job.

And as far as an arch-nemesis, I don't think Spider-man really has one. Peter's life is more his arch-nemesis than any one villain.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33668d ago

I never had any gripes with Duncan being the Kingpin - he fit the role perfectly. I'd just like to see them touch on the kingpin in the reboot because he's one of the villians that hasn't really been given a lot of exposure and they could introduce a lot of second tier villians through him. I would think of him kind of like a Carmine Falcone figure from Batman Begins - a catalyst.

alycakes3668d ago

Doc Ock, Venom, Camillion, aside from the Green Goblin those are the only ones that really come to mind for me too.

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