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Andrew Garfield: 'Spider-Man' Set with Emma Stone

Just Jared says:

Andrew Garfield wears a pair of glasses while walking around the set of his new movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, on Saturday (April 30) in New York City.

The 27-year-old actor plays the lead character in the upcoming action flick, opposite Emma Stone, who was also spotted leaving her trailer and getting to work.

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Crazay3460d ago

I'm starting to dislike him as their casting choice - he always has this like of "daaaaamnnn look at that ass" on his face.

filmmattic3459d ago

Can you blame him? It's Emma Stone.

Heck, I'd either be down on a knee to propose or worship the ground she walks on. The awesome life of a prominent actor.

sdtarm3459d ago

I dont feel that way for her

Crazay3459d ago

Ya man _ Emma is a good lookin gal but that doesn't mean he needs to have that dumb look on his face all the time.

dweavis3459d ago

I don't blame him. I heart Emma too.

crxss3459d ago

Why's everyone hating on Andrew Garfield? Has anyone even seen his movies other than the social network? I think he's probably the best choice to play PP, unless someone can name someone else to prove me wrong. I always thought Tobey McGuire was a terrible choice. The former trilogy was pretty bad other than 2.

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Soldierone3459d ago

I had the same feeling when they first announced him. I dont really like his face. Yet everytime I "criticize" it, i get hated on lol

darklordzor3459d ago

I don't know. I see what you're talking about but I have a strong feeling he'll actually work out for this role.

Nes_Daze3459d ago

I think Emma can do better than the original Mary Jane, (forgot her name), never really liked the girl who portrayed her in the first place.

Crazay3459d ago

I have to agree with you on this Nes - I much would have preferred to see hewr in the role of MJ.

yoshy12123459d ago

not sure if you know this but Emma Stone is not playing Mary Jane Watson but spidermans first love interest Gwen Stacy.

Soldierone3459d ago

She is actually going to be Gwen Stacey, which in the early comics plays the same role as MJ in the movies. Spiderman "loves" her.

Also for anyone that doesn't think she can pull it off, go watch Easy A. With a little better directing she could take that up another notch and be a truly talented actress.

darklordzor3459d ago

Oh yeah, Stone can pull it off and do a wonderful job at it. And I'm so glad they are going with Gwen Stacy instead of MJ this time around. Much better!

JL3459d ago

I finally got around to watching Easy A recently. It was actually really good. I think that movie made me love Emma Stone more lol

That being said, I have no real doubt that she can pull this role off. I'm even alright with Garfield in the role. But, I do think there were probably better choices.

filmmattic3459d ago

@ Crazay

Haha, I hear ya. If he channels that "daaaaaammmmmmmn look at that ass" when either A). looking at a dude or B). in a normal, non-sexual situation, then said behavior is reprehensible. And that I agree with completely.

@ sdtarm

It's just a matter of tastes and preferences. I happen to think she is sexy (though there are many actresses I put ahead of her in the pure beauty category), but I respect your opinion. To each his own.

DaMist3459d ago

he does look like he is about ready to pounce her lol.

swishersweets200313459d ago

Newsflash from the future.. "this movie will blow"

crxss3459d ago

Spoiler alert: it will be better than Spider-Man 3.

darklordzor3459d ago

Man, after reading this I had to double check the URL to make sure I wasn't on or this is normally on par with the comments I see there.

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