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The Media Stomp: Hanna Review

Jeremy Lebens of Media Stomp wrote,"Every so often a film comes out and gets a ton of praise and positive buzz, even though the trailers looked like complete crap. I usually tend to wait these ones out for home video, but if I read enough positive stuff from trusted writers, then I usually find myself taking the plunge. Hanna was one of those films and what a disappointment it was. It felt extremely slow and boring with barely anything happening. The action was average at best and the story seemed to never go anywhere. The only redeeming quality of the film was the score, composed by The Chemical Brothers. I honestly think I would have been better off watching a blank screen while listening to the score. I should have trusted my gut instinct that was telling me to avoid Hanna as if it were the plague. Now I sit here with six dollars less in my pocket. Thankfully I saw this early in the day and didn't have to pay full price for a ticket."

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Armadilo4167d ago

I saw this trailer while i was watching Battle: LA and i thought it looked descent enough and i was thinking about going to watch that movie but oh well

Entropic4166d ago

Not trying to spam here, but just as a reference, our reviewer had a pretty unique take on this film:

He's a film major and will be working as an assistant producer in a feature film set to release in 2012. He has a very interesting view on many movies that I would have never considered otherwise.

Just wanted to pass this along.

alycakes4166d ago

Just FYI for you to make up your was good. It had a decent story to it and a good twist to the ending.

MinimeJer054166d ago

Wait for rental. It was garbage.