5 Reasons Why Scrubs Season 9 Failed

Entertainment Art writes:
Scrubs lasted 8 long seasons, and everyone who watched it loved its shenanigans. When the show ended, people still wanted more, and Bill Lawrence gave them what they demanded. Now the show is canceled for good, and this is my interpretation of what they did wrong.

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Armadilo3668d ago

shows that were excellent in the begining usually turn out stall like this

gaden_malak3668d ago

They ended it perfectly and then brought back scrubs school or whatever it was.

TheVideoArt3668d ago

I know. It's sad that history can repeat its self so many times. You'd think they would learn.

dead_eye3668d ago

The reason it failed was because people didn't give it a chance. If you didn't go into it think it was Scrubs andinstead watched it as Scrubs [med school] it was a really good show. Oh and it also helped that I really like Eliza Coupe/Dr. Denise Mahoney Mmmmmmm she could take my temperture the wrong way any day lol.

Nes_Daze3668d ago

Such a great show in the beginning, but went downhill slowly imo.

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