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FilmWatch Review: Connect To

"Connect To" provides a charming story that proves hope, though lost, can be found so long as we don't give up. In our darkest hours, life can be rejuvenated if only we seek to follow through and find that silver lining, continuing to carry on. Under the weight of the world, a chance encounter can provide an unlikely friendship to prove we're never alone and all will be well as we carry on. Despite some faults, it is still a compassionate film reminding us that it is the connections we make that can give meaning to our lives and be the most valuable thing life has to offer.

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alycakes3657d ago

I like the concept of this movie but I'm not sure if I can sit thru a movie without action in it. I may have to wait until it comes out on DVD and watch it at home. I'm kinda one of these people that likes to be on the edge of my seat when I'm watching a if it's not drama, suspense, thriller, action, horror, I might fall asleep and that would be embarrasing.