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Player Affinity | Avengers - Ultron 5 & The Ultron Imperative Review

Player Affinity writes: You’d think Hank Pym would be perfectly happy with his life. He has a hot wife, he’s a super genius, he can turn into a giant, and he control ants with his mind. But no, the guy has to reach a little higher, and build an army of robots. A smart fellow like him should know that armies of robots just don’t turn out well, especially when you’re a superhero. Yet here we go again with the classic Avengers storyline: Ultron.

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Armadilo3918d ago

Hasn't their been two other Avengers animated movies ?

alycakes3917d ago

I don't know but one came out this week that looked pretty good. I might get it. I know I'm buying the Green Lantern Emerald Knights animated one where Nathan Fillion doesn the voice of Hal Jordon (Green Lantern). It comes out almost at the same time the movie comes out in July.