Player Affinity | Nikita - Glass Houses Review

Player Affinity writes: When I first heard the premise of this week’s Nikita I was less than thrilled at the idea. The basis of the entire show is that Nikita had her love stolen from her by Division and is on the warpath for revenge. Getting too close to an outsider is about as taboo as it gets when it comes to the life of secret assassins, and the use of that plot device to drive an episode that wasn’t actually about Nikita seemed kind of lazy.

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alycakes3466d ago

I'm sorry to say i'm not watching this because I can't get over the first episode. I watched the whole 5 years series of La Femme Nikita on USA network and have the 5 season sets because it was soooo much better than this crap they're trying to pass off as Nikita now.

Sorry....I usually don't use strong language. I watched the first one and that is just not Nikita, that is not Birkhoff, or Amanda, Michael is nothing like that.

I have the character in my mind that aren't even on the show and I just can't picture it. It just didn't do the original TV show justice. I usually am a very open minded person but there are some things where I draw the line and this is one of them.

Armadilo3465d ago

i heard about this but i never bothered to actually look it up

alycakes3464d ago

You really should...not only is it better but Nikita is much, much, prettier. They have a lot of good stories on it too.