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The Voice Of TV: “Dominion,” this week’s latest Smallville offering, has all the ingredients for a great episode. It’s set primarily in the Phantom Zone – a sort of Kryptonian Gitmo – and features the talented Callum Blue as General Zod, all while tackling issues like Oliver Queen’s (Justin Hartley) darker side and Clark’s (Tom Welling) tendency to leave Lois (Erica Durance) out of the loop in order to protect her. Potential, however, doesn’t count for much when the execution falls short of the high standard we know this show is capable of.

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alycakes3464d ago

Well, the Phantom Zone has been around for a while and I guess they had to deal with it one more time to get rid of it in a more permanent way. As for Oliver's dark side and having to deal with it in a deeper sense I've always felt they should do a spin off from this of the Justice League so they could form some of the other character in their own right. I think it might be fun to have that on TV instead of waiting for a movie to come out like the Avengers. Instead have a weekly series.

mindedone3462d ago

I have been supremely disappointed with this last season. All these episodes have felt like filler episodes, rather than something I can become emotionally invested in.

alycakes3462d ago

I think that is what they're doing because you really can't do a lot more if you just have to shut it all down in just a few stories. At the end, he'll be married, he'll fly, he'll probably wear the suit and probably be called Superman (which really wasn't suppose to happen at all).

I think they'll leave us hanging with Lex Luther back in play for the future maybe.