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Vinnie Leduc of MovieStinger: When it comes to movies, the month of May typically marks the official start of the summer season, a lineup full of brainless blockbusters and sequels. The fifth film of The Fast and the Furious series fits the bill appropriately here as this weekend’s opening summer showcase highlight. Director Justin Lin, just as he did with the two previous installments, injects more fuel into the burning hot franchise of crowdpleasing action thrillers driven by underground racing, high-stakes heists, and beautiful bodies. Fast Five does exactly what its immediate predecessor did: milk the cashcow once more and ultimately keep the wheels rolling with no finish line in sight.

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sdtarm3464d ago

wow, I heard it was a good movie and I was excited, disappointing :/

Nes_Daze3464d ago

I saw this on Friday, great movie, and I think probably the best one out of the whole series. I just don't like how it was mostly a heist movie rather than more about racing. But overall I think it still kept some of its roots. If you go on metacritic, you'll see this movie has like a 69, which is pretty positive for an action/adrenaline movie like this.