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It has finally come: Steve Carell's last episode ever on The Office (or at least until they bring him back as a guest star in Season 8). I have to say, the farewell episode "Goodbye Michael" was actually pretty close to perfect. At least it was in my opinion. I had feared that it would just smack of sentimentality from start to finish, but The Office was able to achieve something sweet, yet not saccharine; emotional, yet punctuated by humor. For us fans of The Office, it is indeed the end of an era, and I know that I am not the only one sad to see Michael Scott leave Scranton.

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JL3672d ago

Definitely sad to see the end of the Michael Scott era. I just knew I was going to tear up, made it through without that though.

I thought they did it really well. You could definitely tell that Carell made sure it wasn't just this big send off thing. I think they way Michael Scott did his leaving very much mirrored the way that Steve Carell wanted to leave the show: sort of give him a goodbye but at the same time putting up that premise that allowed it not to be a big goodbye, focusing on others as well as he just dips out.

Sahil3671d ago

Amazing just amazing, will really miss him!

-MD-3671d ago

Couple moments I was holding back tears but the scene with Michael and Jim got me.

I haven't cried watching a tv show or a movie in probably 10 years too.

Megaton3670d ago

I wasn't on the brink of crying or anything, but it was sad. Especially the bit between Jim and Michael. I liked the one with Dwight, too.