IGN The Office: "Goodbye, Michael" Review

IGN: I must apologize in advance if this review gets a little maudlin. I've just finished watching "Goodbye, Michael" and I'm still adjusting to the reality of a post-Michael-Scott world. No more silly conference room scenes. No more outrageous characters (though at least we got to see a final glimpse of Ping tonight). No more "that's what she said." I may look back on this episode later and wonder what got me all choked up, but right now it feels like I just experienced one of those historic television moments that will be included in montages for years to come.

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JL3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

This definitely was a good one, and it's sad seeing the era of Michael Scott come to an end. I managed not to get choked up, though (maybe simply because others were in the room lol).

I thought it was a really well done episode, though, that really mirrored Steve Carell's idea that he didn't want it to be a huge strictly going away party for him.

I think it was actually best, too, that they didn't make this the final episode of the season. Get him out a few episodes early that way people can get accustomed to The Office sans Michael Scott for a few episodes and not spend the whole time mourning his departure until next season.

Megaton3670d ago

Really good episode. Sad to see him go. I still can't imagine anyone replacing him.

Liamario3670d ago

I found it a little disappointing personally. I'm liking Will Ferrell's character less and less the more I see him.

Etseix3670d ago

same here. but overall i dont really like to see anything about him.

B-Real2063670d ago

Will Ferrell's character might not be staying.

My vote is for Jim Carrey!!! or Rain Wilson

ilikestuff3669d ago

jim carrey or will arnett, im going to miss micheal scott

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The story is too old to be commented.