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Skewed and Reviewed: Fast Five Review

Skewed and Reviewed look at the lastest in the fast and Furious series and cited the larger than life characters and action as to the main reasons why they call Fast 5 the best in the series to date.

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Garethvk3660d ago

I am also so glad they did not do the lame post filming 3D conversion like they had planned. It is bad enough that Thor,Captain America, and Green Lantern were done this way. Supposedly Transformers and Pirates were shot in 3D.

filmmattic3660d ago

I've been reading and hearing some positive things about this film. Your review definitely comforts my optimism. Nicely done.

Garethvk3660d ago

Thank you. I think the biggest plus I can say for the film is that I took my wife, and she had not seen any since the first one and she loved this one.

Castor3660d ago

I'm somewhat interested in seeing this. Looks like good old mindless entertainment. Probably will wait for the Netflix though.

JL3660d ago

I'm of the same mind I think. Definitely won't check it out in theaters, but will watch it at some point cause I've seen all the others (actually liked the first one) and I've heard good things about this one. It seems more likely that I'll wait for Netflix. Then again, I do own all the others so I might end up buying this just to complete the set.

Garethvk3660d ago

The stunts were well done and they kept down the CGI. I love CGI bt there is something great about stunts that were done in real time with real risk factors.

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