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‘The Kennedys’: Miniseries Review - The Voice Of TV

The Voice Of TV: There should be a section in the Citizenship test to the United States dedicated to one’s knowledge (or in some cases, believed theories), regarding the Kennedy family. It’s a name we all know, we’ve read about it, we’ve watched movies about, and deep down we all have our own theories of “who shot JFK?” It’s also unfortunate that the Kennedy name is plagued with such controversy and surrounded by death; while comics may have a field day with it, in all reality the Kennedys are a family like you are to your own.

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alycakes3460d ago

I would love to be able to see this miniseries. I don't get the station it's on and when it goes to dvd I'll probably rent it or get it. They always facinated me and even the death of JFK was something that was a mystery. I never felt that is was completely solved. I always had my own ideas of what if felt could have really happened and how so many times the public is kept in dark. So this is something I would watch.