C&G Reviews Fast Five

When action movies make it a few too many titles into a franchise, things tend to get a little ridiculous. Rambo may have been a flawed and damaged Vietnam veteran in First Blood, but by Rambo III he was taking out entire armies single handedly. The Terminator might have initially been a frightening character, but by Rise Of The Machines Arnie was putting on Elton John sunglasses and saying “talk to the hand.” It’s kind of inevitable. Even the best action movies tend to have very simple central concepts that don’t allow for much experimentation and expansion. Case in point is Fast Five. The Fast And The Furious franchise started out loosely based on an article about underground street racing and now in the fifth entry has become a down market version of Ocean’s Eleven with more slow motion cleavage shots. Street racing barely even appears in the movie. There are a couple of scenes set at street races, but we don’t actually see the races.

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