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Mark Wahlberg and Justin Bieber Are Making a Movie Together

Vulture: Mark Wahlberg is on the record as being a Justin Bieber fan. Back in August, he said , "The world needs Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is like the white Tupac. Compared to a lot of people." In fact, Wahlberg is such a big fan, he told us at last night's Time 100 Gala, that he and the Bieb are going to be making a movie together. (Wahlberg also told us the film David O. Russell wanted to cast Britney in.) We spoke with Wahlberg about Bieber, the plot of their movie, and whether or not they'll be duetting. (Spoiler: It's not good news for fans of the Funky Bunch.)

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sdtarm3466d ago

this better be bullcrap,

alycakes3465d ago

Justin needs to stick to his singing and Mark to his acting

Armadilo3465d ago

i guess Bieber tempted the waters of acting with CSI when he got shot and i have to say that it was the most fake body movement's when he got shot

alycakes3465d ago

I saw that too. LIke I said go back to your singing and wooooing the little teen girls and leave acting alone.

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