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'South Park's' Humancentipad Premiere: What the Critics Think

THR: Wednesday night's South Park 15th season premiere was called HUMANCENTiPAD -- a mash up of Apple's iPad and horror film Human Centipede. It featured Kyle and two other animated characters connected butt to mouth in order to power Apple's newest tablet device, a job they inadvertently signed up for after signing Apple's user agreement without reading it.

Overall, critics loved it.

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ShAkKa3661d ago

Loved the episode, specially Cartman's getting f$&@ed lines ;)

Armadilo3658d ago

I could totally see this happening in the future since Apple is always realesing something new every year

alycakes3656d ago

Somebody was making fun of this on one of the late night shows...can't remember who now.