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LRA: Faster - Blu-ray Review

LRA writes: Here we are, almost 6 years since the last time Dwayne Johnson has picked up a weapon with the intent on firing it. For some actors that leave behind a genre that gave them their popularity in the first place and attempt to return to it that long after is a death sentence unless they make that come back with a known property that they have been attached to previously. Ironically enough his next film Fast Five has him co-starring with Vin Diesel, another actor that went the way of the family friendly film and discovered that he best stick with what works. However he is using his past successes with known franchises such as the xXx and The Fast & The Furious series of movies to get him back in good favor with the fans he left behind. Dwayne Johnson chose a different route, he bulked back up and picked a fairly straight forward action flick to trumpet his return to the world of badassery with his latest film Faster and surprisingly I think it worked out much better than anyone expected.

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Castor3660d ago

I thought this was very average at best. The action sequence were unspectacular which was quite disappointing for a movie with The Rock.