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Superman Reboot Close To Landing His Female Villain?

Deadline says:

I'm told that German actress Antje Traue is the frontrunner to join Michael Shannon as the villains of the Zack Snyder-directed Superman film Man of Steel. Since Shannon is playing General Zod, might Traue be playing his accomplice, Ursa, who appeared in the first two Superman films? Traue starred with Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid in Pandorum, and she is currently in Sweden shooting the Peter Flinth-directed Nobels Testament. Traue has been in the hunt for a big studio role. She tested for The Rite, which went to Alice Braga, and also met Marc Forster to play Brad Pitt's character's wife in World War Z, a role that went to The Killing star Mireille Enos. She is repped by Greene & Associates, Spielkind in Germany and UK's Troika.

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Crazay3924d ago

Nice - I am totally jacked for this flick.

alycakes3924d ago

Me also....can't wait til it all comes together.

3924d ago
alycakes3923d ago

Cool trailer...can't wait to see more. I haven't heard much about it.

filmmattic3923d ago

YES, I am also looking forward to the Man of Steel's return to the big screen. I am hopeful it will be done in the manner that we all loved with Donner's original epic. I have faith in Snyder as a visual maestro, and I also think he'll be more in his comfort zone with the Superman mythology (in terms of narrative) than say, that film that came out earlier this year. At the very least, it'll be entertaining.

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