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More Talk, Less Action In New X-Men: First Class Trailer

Cinema Blend says:

The marketing for X-Men: First Class thus far has been fairly disappointing. From the horrendous Photoshop disasters they call posters to the repetitious trailers, the whole marketing plan seems to be based on the idea that because it's an X-Men movie people will come no matter what. Come June 3 we'll see if that strategy has paid off.

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darklordzor3470d ago

I actually liked this trailer far better. It made me want to see this movie. I know the marketing campaign has been odd for this movie (and not that great) but it's still one that I've been very interested in.

Crazay3470d ago

That's def. a much better trailer then the fact its the best anything I've seen for this movie but I'm still not into it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33470d ago

Not being much of a Kickass fan, I still have faith in Mathew Vaughn's direction.

ShAkKa3469d ago

I'm still surprises me how many people disliked Kickass, I found that movie to be awesome and very well done.

-MD-3469d ago

Easily the most fun movie of 2010.

alycakes3470d ago

Looks good...another one I'm going to have to go see.

Castor3469d ago

X-Men First Class is probably the big blockbuster I'm least looking forward to this summer but this is an intriguing trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.