Sony’s Qriocity TV Service Hacked Too

Deadline says:

Sony’s admission that its PlayStation Network and Qriocity on-demand TV service have been hacked by a lone computer hacker is “a significant short-term blow” for the company, Michael French, editor-in-chief of games trade magazine MCV tells me. It is believed to be one of the biggest-ever security breaches of the Internet. Qriocity, which launched in the U.S. in April 2010, uses the same log-in details as PlayStation Network, says Informa analyst Andrew Ladbrook. Sony’s on-demand movie service has been rolled out to Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. “It will affect people’s download purchases in the long-term. This is a big setback for the service,” says Ladbrook.

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Crazay3474d ago

Sony is in all kinds of deep crap over this breach. If those numbers are accurate thet they serve up 800,000 pieces of content per day - I'm frightened to see what this is costing them.

Not to mention the fact that the entire PSN network has been down for a week now and 77 Million users information has been compromised - I suspect that confidence in the company by and large is shot.

Soldierone3472d ago

CC information was safe. Everything else could be found on your Facebook page in better detail. Let alone only about 50 to 60 million of those accounts are active. The other 10 or 20 are secondary accounts with false information on them, which turns out to be a great deterrent.

As for this article, I thought this was already known....considering Qriocity is what has been running PSN servers on non PlayStation products for a while now?

xino3473d ago

people are stupid and retarded.
How is PSN summed up to 77 million users?
the ps3 hasn't even reached 50million yet.
Obviously people have multiple accounts and if you use paying cards for other accounts for US/UK/Japan then you are in deep sh*

Crazay3473d ago

This is for all accounts that have any access to PSN at all. That counts PSP, PS2 and Qriocity.

xino3473d ago

PS2 has PSN? I must have missed the 6.5 generation console and unaware it existed O_o

Qriocity is an application man, you need PSN to use the service.

PSN account works on PsP, PsP doesn't have a separate entity PSN. It still uses the same PSN that links to Qriocity.

Crazay3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Accident - that was supposed to say PS3.

don't be knob you know what I meant.

I'm well aware that PSPs use the same network. But just to assume that PS3 users are the only people who actually have PSN accounts is folly. You can have a PSP and still have a PSN account. Qriocity backbone is still part of the Sony Network which PSN is tied to.

Sahil3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Dude, I have 3 accounts with PSN, my friend have 5 fake accounts, I guess that way :)

77 million seems less.

Megaton3473d ago

Great big mess for Sony. I just want the PSN to come back up so I can change my pass. I never plan on using a CC for anything Sony-related ever again. To think that they had all our info just sitting there in plaintext like some 2-bit mom 'n pop shop.

Crazay3473d ago

it certainly is disheartening I agree. My credit card info was on there. Some game publishers that i get review copies form have opted to send me Xbox 360 copies of games in lieu of the PS3 versions too.

Megaton3473d ago

I didn't have my CC stored (I don't leave my CC stored anywhere online), but I'm still upset. It's absurd that this was even possible. I understand that everything is hackable given enough time and effort, but this seems like it was all just sitting there gift-wrapped for the first person to find it.

gaden_malak3473d ago

You act like PSN was just released. It's been around for years, how was it gift wrapped if no one else did it?

Crazay3473d ago

Its a tough call - for all we know (and this is what i suspected from day 1) is that MS forced their hand to get teh system done and out at least 1 year earlier. I worked for MS as an Xbox rep and we had some awesome training on the original system and saw early protoypes of the 360. MS created the original Xbox to get into the market and build an online community and drive the content further then anyone had done.

Rigfht away when they saw there was success with the original iteration, they built the next version and then made the 360 around that online experience.

I suspect had Sony been able to get that extra year of development, it would feel much different because lets be honest here - PSN feels poorly done. No cross game chat, party chat and the XMB is total trash. Xbox just delivers a much better online experience.

Megaton3473d ago

They still don't have cross-game chat, all these years later. I don't think 1 extra would have made a difference. I think it's as simple as "they just suck at some things".

Crazay3473d ago

I know they don't - thats why I say MS just delivers the whole thing much better.

fury433473d ago

Everyone just be careful with all your info out there...can't trust anything these days.

Sahil3472d ago

Yes, nothing is safe anymore specially after this. Just stopped all my direct debits :)

alycakes3472d ago

I'm not much of a gamer folks but that sounds serious. When Sony gets their mess straigtened out I'd would still check and double check before trusting my credit card, SS, and other personal information with them for a while.

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