'The Voice' 1:01 “The Blind Auditions – Part 1″ Review - The Voice Of TV

The Voice Of TV: If you asked me about NBC’s The Voice a few months ago, I’d tell you that the last thing we need is another singing competition. Don’t get me wrong – they were inspired in their day. As a fan of new music, I know I have TV to thank for the emergence of artists like Theo Tams, Adam Lambert, David Cook and Adelle. But now I have Idol fatigue, am tired of seeking an X factor, and while America certainly has talent, lately these shows seem to go out of their way to hide it from us.

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alycakes3671d ago

I actually liked it. I can't say I'll watch if it stands between my watching another one of my favorit shows but I saw it when they replayed it the next night and it was quite good.