Shadowlocked - 7 Things The Hobbit Needs To Do In Order To Be A Success

Shadowlocked - The Hobbit is coming, bringing with it all the furry feet and "platonic" Hobbit love that we can digest. However, what specifically must The Hobbit concentrate on to guarantee its success?...

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Crazay3673d ago

It pretty much needs to not be as boring as Lord of the RIngs

alycakes3672d ago

What movie did you watch? Lord of the Rings was a lot of things to me and one of them was not boring.

luke12345673672d ago

Well it's an odd one.

I loved the books, but have to agree it dragged at times. Don't get me wrong, they were awesome, but they still had the tendency to drag.

Man, The Return of the King should have finished at LEAST 30 minutes before it actually it!

alycakes3672d ago

Yes, they were a little long I have to admit but since my air conditioning had gone out that summer and it was 100 degrees at home...I guess I wan't in any hurry to get home.