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4 Ways Movie Theaters Can Become Relevant Again

From TMP:

Movie theaters have been the topic of quite a bit of discussion lately. With ticket prices being steadily on the decline for the past few years, and now DirectTV’s Home Premium service, many have wondered what will it take to fix the movie theater experience? Is there a way to ensure theaters will remain the medium for film and movies? Well, I’ve got some ideas and ways I think this problem can be solved.

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alycakes3469d ago

I totally agree with this guy. I don't want to watch some awesome action flick on a 2x3 Iphone or even on my 30" TV at home. I want to watch it on the big screen.

Prices could be a little lower and people could try and be a little nicer and more considerate of others around them. This day and age we seem to have forgotten how far a little kindness can go. A matinee can be a wonderful experience.

Sahil3468d ago

Yeah, totally.. can't see movies being made without theaters!

Silly Mammo3469d ago

Yep! The biggest problem I have with theatre watching is the audience. I might go to 1 or 2 movies a year and everytime it never fails that people are just plan rude and inconsiderate.

Cat3469d ago

Yep, completely agree with this guy - I don't know when ushers stopped kicking people out, but they need to do it again.

He's also spot on with the service check, I recently sat through an entire movie where the projector was off-center and there was a tear in the screen. When I mentioned it to the theatre they couldn't have cared less.

As for the concession menus, there are still old school theatres where you can go and get a glass of wine and some unconventional snacks. The screens and seating may be older, but I've had some of the best times at these places!

Megaton3469d ago

A friend of mine was recently telling me about some theater he discovered that had a full bar inside.

Cat3468d ago

I can't say I've been to one with a full bar (other than an actual stage theatre, not movie theatre), but I've been to those that serve wine and beer and it's definitely better. :) I mean, when you can relax at home with a beer and surround sound vs. going to the theatre for soggy popcorn, a cola and obnoxious cell phone users...not much of a choice sometimes!

JL3468d ago

I agree about the people. That's my biggest problem as well. That's why on the occasions that I do go to the theater, I go to a matinee during the work week or a really late showing on Sunday-Wednesday. Hardly anybody there, and not uncommon to have the theater to myself.

I've had problems with projectors not working or anything, but I tell the people and they immediately fix it anytime I've encountered that problem. I've even been comped two extra pair of tickets before when they couldn't get it working properly.

On that snack note, we actually have one theater here that has a VIP room. That place is pretty awesome. You get to sit in this big comfy Lay-Z-Boy recliners. They serve beer and wine. They also have all kinds of unconventional snacks/foods such as egg rolls, crab cakes, pie, gourmet sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, fruit or cheese platters, etc. And you don't even have to get up, they'll bring that stuff to you at your seat.

Castor3468d ago

Yea me too, I always avoid the crowd. So many inconsiderate people out there...

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Megaton3469d ago

Meh, it's been a long time since I've been to a theater. I used to go all the time when I was younger, but now I'm alright just watching things on my TV or PC.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3469d ago

I would love to see the return of the drive other people to bother you in your car...if you feel like pizza bring a large one in, or kfc bring the bucket, or even a steak.

I always thought a restaurant style movie theater would be neat, kind of like the vegas shows. it would cost about the same as the movie ticket and popcorn and drinks and you would have a meal instead.

JL3468d ago

That restaurant style thing is kinda what the VIP room does that I mentioned above at one of the theaters around here.

As for drive-ins, we actually have one about an hour away from here. Been there a couple of times. It's kinda cool, though not so much worth the drive.

Cat3468d ago

Yeah, there was an old drive in near the last place I lived, so much fun to go! Much easier to take a big family, too.

MinimeJer053469d ago

Love the article! I agree that they need to add some more food to the concessions.

Another big one was lowering ticket costs. I remember when AMC did 5 dollar movies M through T. Awesome deal! If tickets and concessions were affordable then people will go to more movies!

I also agree with kicking out talkers and texters. That gets so annoying.

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The story is too old to be commented.