Full Immortals Trailer Arrives And Makes Clash Of The Titans Look Even Worse

CinemaBlend says:

Yesterday we had a sneak peek at the new man versus gods movie Immortals, now we have the whole mythological enchilada in the form of the first, full, high-res Immortals trailer.

The film stars future Superman Henry Cavill opposite the likes of Stephen Dorff, Luke Evans, Isabel Lucas, Kellan Lutz, John Hurt, and Mickey Rourke in the story of a rampaging bloodthirsty king in pursuit of a legendary Bow which he believes will make him so invincible he’ll be able to overthrown the Gods of Olympus. Theseus, played by Cavill, stands in his way.

Watch the first trailer right here:

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Crazay3472d ago

I saw the teaser and was immediately intrigued. I'll have to check this out when I get home tonight but what do the rest fof you readers think? Does it look even better with the full trailer?

gaffyh3471d ago

2 things, firstly that guy doing the speech (i.e. the main guy) sounds horrible, couldn't they have found a better guy? Secondly, the bow and arrow is almost exactly like the one Kratos has in GOW lol.

Crazay3471d ago

And how is that a problem? Kratos was fighting the gods and so this movie is also along the same lines of story.

Hardly a bad thing in my opinion

gaffyh3471d ago

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, just an observation.

sdtarm3468d ago

all this movies end up being crap

TheDarthGamer3471d ago

Looks nice but I will be busy that day playing SKYRIM. ;)

Crazay3471d ago

I'll have had it for about 2 weeks by then. I get review copies of games from Bethesda.

frostbite063471d ago

I'll get the review copy of the review game so I expect to playing at least 4 weeks by then

Crazay3471d ago

Ok - Now that I've seen it, it looks pretty effin sweet

darklordzor3471d ago

Not too shabby looking. I'm definitely interested, but I can see a few ways this might not be good. Still, I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

alycakes3471d ago

I like stuff like this and the trailer looks pretty good. If the movie holds the momentum and the story line it will not disappoint.

Megaton3471d ago

Looks alright I guess. I'll check out anything with Mickey Rourke in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.