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The Media Stomp - Fast Five Review

Jeremy of The Media Stomp wrote, "Never in a hundred years did I think I would be writing such a positive review for a film from the Fast and the Furious franchise. I never cared for the films growing up and the only one I actually didn't mind, was considered the worst of the series (2 Fast 2 Furious), but I sit here, writing my review in shock. Fast Five was great and I enjoyed it very much. Everything managed to flow so perfectly together which resulted in a great kick off to the summer movie season. Fast Five is a popcorn flick in so many ways and it must be experienced on the big screen."

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MinimeJer053925d ago

Didn't have extra passes. I'm sure I'll see it again on Thursday. This is the type of movie that NEEDS to be seen on the big screen.

cody2oo3925d ago

alright. thursday night it is. logan enjoy it?

MinimeJer053925d ago

Yes,now back on topic. This isn't a PM box. Fast Five was widely enjoyed by everyone at the theater. Make sure to stay after the credits! ;-)

ShAkKa3925d ago

Nice to see it's doing well, I'll wait for the BD release to get it though.

alycakes3923d ago

Me too...I've done that with all the Fast and Furious. I like them but I don't love them.