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New posters for the comic book prequel X-Men: First Class.

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alycakes3672d ago

I like them very much...I think I'm going to like the movie too even though I wasn't really too excited to see it come about.

ShAkKa3672d ago

Not bad, the ones with the black silhouettes are kind of meh though.

Sahil3670d ago

That kinda looks like a move poster for some ancient movie, anyways will do watch this one, it will freshen things up with the earlier movie

Sahil3664d ago

Let's see how this movie comes out :)

violent80sarcade823663d ago

These x-men 1st class characters need to be in this~cyclops,iceman,archangel, beast,marvel-girl...then u got to add 2nd generation in the next movie~storm,nightcrawler,wolve rine,colossus,forge,thunderbird ,psylocke,cannonball,polaris,da zzler,longshot,morph,banshee,ha vok,rogue,gambit,bishop,cable,s hadowcat,warpath,multiple-man,s un-fire,shatterstar,emmafrost,j ubilee
~Magentos brotherhood of mutants~should be:
mystique,juggernaut,sabertoot h,avalanche,pyro,toad,sauron,om ega-red,quicksilver and the extremely powerful scarlet witch.
IF ONLY HOLLYWOOD WOULD GET IT DOWN THIS WAY..and it looks like they ruined nightcrawler he seems to be red =(