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Arnold Schwarzenegger Back To Star As 'Terminator' In Rights Package Shopping Now

Deadline says:

He's back. Arnold Schwarzenegger is attached to star in a rights package that CAA is shopping today that will revive The Terminator, one of Hollywood's most iconic science fiction franchises. The agency is dropping the package on studios this afternoon. There is no screenwriter attached at this point, and Robert Cort is producing. This is the first real activity on The Terminator project since February 2010, when the property emerged from a bankruptcy auction and into the possession of Pacificor.

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Crazay3666d ago

I wonder if he'd still play "The protector" in the next movie. I suspect his body may well be completely covered up the entire time or they'll use the fountain of youth that is digital imagery much the same way they did in Salvation.

darklordzor3665d ago

Well in Salvation he didn't actually play that part. That was 100% CG, and he merely approved the use of his likeness.

I think they'll use a body double or something to that effect.

Crazay3665d ago

It was very well done

darklordzor3665d ago

Oh yeah, there's no doubt about that. Maybe they should just stick with an all digital one....

darklordzor3665d ago

I am honestly not sure how I feel about this. I really feel like Terminator needs to grow past Arnold in order to move forward. I liked Salvation, because it tried something different and moved the franchise, instead of simply rehashing a similar concept over and over.

While Salvation had plenty of other problems, I liked what they were trying to do. With Arnold in it, I hope his role is smaller than what it has been. I don't think he needs to be the focus again.

ShAkKa3665d ago

Agree. I also think they should finish the story with the next movie.

Castor3665d ago

Glad to hear someone liked Salvation. I really thought it got way too much criticism for what it was.

alycakes3665d ago

Me too. I was happy with the way Salvation went with the story and they way they left with room for maybe one more but you can't really keep bringing Arni back forever....can you?

ShAkKa3665d ago

Sadly i think it can't be done, I liked T3 but you could see that Arnold's age was becoming too noticeable for his T-character and that was like 7 years ago...

darklordzor3665d ago

Very much agree with you there. His age was really starting to show, and that's why the digital incarnation on Salvation was pretty cool to see. No one is going to take an aging T800 seriously. Is he going to feature rust on his frame too?

alycakes3665d ago

But that's where our advance in science and technology is suppose to be so superior that they can do anything with these machines so who knows what they're going to try on the movie especially with all the CGI now.

Megaton3665d ago

Should be interesting. I'll definitely check it out. The Terminator and Arnold were HUGE when I was a kid. No matter what he does with his life outside of that, I'll always think of him as the Terminator.

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