Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut S06E01 - Popzara Mini-Review

Matt Smith headlines his second outing as the beloved Doctor in the first episode of the beloved franchise's sixth season. Geronimo! Full mini-review by Evan Nathans.

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alycakes3093d ago

I don't get BBC America and I do miss Dr. Who. I haven't seen any of the new guy that plays him...I've heard they're good.

I so miss Torchwood...

Christopher3093d ago

I get em through iTunes. They're actually some of the most reasonably priced series offerings there. Much better than the horribly animated cartoon shows with 20 half hour episodes a year and charging you $40 for them in SD and $60 in HD.

Regardless, even BBC America and iTunes only put out the american edited BBC shows. So, shows like Being Human don't show some of the stuff that they do in the UK.

alycakes3093d ago

Really? I didn't know that. I'll check into that...Being Human is another one of my guilty pleasures. I used to watch Primeval too. I don't know if that's still on though. Thanks.

Megaton3093d ago

Oh yeah, this happened didn't it? I forgot the new season started on Saturday. Gotta catch up on that.

3093d ago
alycakes3092d ago

I miss all of it and I need to catch up on so much. It's going to take some time.