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First Set Picture From The Avengers, Plus Official Press Release

Marvel has released the first official set picture from The Avengers, and on top of that has issued a Press Release that confirms a long-rumored villain appearing in the film.

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darklordzor3474d ago

It's not much but I must admit it does look kind of cool. I get that warm geeky feeling all over!

Defectiv3_Detectiv33474d ago

So, I wonder how they plan on handling actor?

alycakes3474d ago

Yeah...they said they has someone new but I don't know who it is. So far I haven't cared much for the Hulk character or maybe just because of the writing...I don't know they just didn't work for me although the second was better than the first.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33474d ago

I actually think Ang Lee's 'The Hulk' is one of the most underrated superhero films. Then again, a lot of the elements that made it so great transcended your typical superhero conventions. And to be honest, the CG was actually better.

filmmattic3474d ago

Purely a tease, but just the mere fact that this film will materialize is enough to arouse my comic-book/film-geeky enthusiasm. I may harbor some skepticism, but that doesn't mean I absolutely can't wait.

Too bad Norton's no longer Hulk, but Ruffalo will be a fine replacement.

Sahil3474d ago

It looks kinda cool, my first preference would be ruffalo, norton didn't suit the character, ruffalo would look great!

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