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Bloody Disgusting's List of 'Horror Unmakes'

Bloody Disgusting says:

While the majority of horror remakes more or less do their best to hold true to the spirit of the original film, every once in awhile one comes down the pike that attempts – for better or worse – to do something entirely different. In the following list I've highlighted ten eleven of the most conspicuous examples of these "unmakes", with both a description of the changes and my commentary on how they stack up to the original. Before we begin, though, I should note that to qualify for the list the films must actually have been pegged as "remakes", as opposed to movies based off the same source material without using the original cinematic adaptation(s) for inspiration. An example of this would be Coppola's version of Dracula, which was never billed as a remake of the Lee or Lugosi films but rather a direct interpretation of the novel.

Now that we've got that out of the way...

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Armadilo3918d ago

Freddy and Jason are not the same as before and will never be the same, why rob Zombie really Michael myers!!! ;(